Brendan Fraser and The Rock in G.I. Joe?

Yes on the first one, and maybe on the second one. According to Latino Review, Stephen Sommers, the director of “G.I. Joe”, has roped Brendan Fraser (pictured, left), his “Mummy” star to do a brief cameo in his latest movie, playing the Joe Gung Ho, described by LR as “the most gay looking of the Joes”. Meanwhile, the producers of “Joe” have also apparently extended a cameo offer to none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to play the Joe named Shipwreck, a, er, Navy dude with a parrot on one shoulder. No, seriously. Both roles are expected to be cameos only.


I have just learned through my sources that BRENDAN FRASER has booked the role of GUNG HO for Stephen Sommer’s big screen live-action adaptation of “G.I. Joe.” Now, it is only a one scene cameo. The scene is question is a training sequence at THE PIT. Brendan already shot his part.

I also learned that AN OFFER has been made to THE ROCK for the role of HECTOR DELGADO aka SHIPWRECK. At this time THE ROCK hasn’t said either yes or no, but the offer is out to him.

Wow, take a look at Shipwreck (pictured, below). Seriously? It sorta reminds you that the guys behind the product were trying to sell as many toys as they could, which meant coming up with some ludicrous G.I. Joe characters.

G.I. Joe Shipwreck

Oh well, at least he doesn’t look worst than Gung Ho (who looks anything but):

G.I. Joe Gung-Ho