Brendan Fraser Gets Caught up in a Stand Off

Stand Off (2011) Movie Poster

I like Brendan Fraser, he’s always been one of those guys I enjoy watching in movies, even when the film is really bad or boring. Having said that, I have no idea what he’s doing here in the UK comedy/crime movie “Stand Off”, which was apparently finished back in 2011 (under the title “Whole Lotta Sole”), but is only now getting a Stateside release date, though it’s looking like a limited release followed by a DVD/VOD roll-out. Don’t let the heavily photoshopped poster above fool you, though, because according to the trailer below Fraser is not playing anything remotely close to the gun-toting badass that the poster promises. Unless, of course, that’s the twist, in which case the poster just gave it away.

So what’s this thing ol Fraser’s got himself stuck in the middle of? Let’s see, shall we:

In a misguided attempt to protect his family and pay back gambling debts to the local Mobster, Jimbo robs a fish market, which is coincidentally owned by the same Mobster. On the run, Jimbo is cornered in a local curio shop, where he takes hostage an assortment of colorful characters, including Maguire, who may be his illegitimate father. Surrounded by the Police, the SAS, and the Mobster’s crew, the young man must find a way out of his precarious predicament with the help of his oddball captives.

Also starring Colm Meaney, David O’Hara, and Yaya DaCosta, and directed by Terry George (of “Hotel Rwanda” fame).

Look around and maybe you can find it in theaters this February 22nd, 2013, or wait for it on DVD/Bluray on March 26, 2013.