Brent McKnight’s Best Films of 2013

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I wasn’t initially going to do a top ten list this year. It seems like indulgent ego stroking, a lot of work for very little gain, and, to be honest, not only am I super busy, I’m also a lazy sack of crap. Besides, while there may be one or two movies on my countdown that you won’t find on 90% of every other critic’s list, there aren’t many earth-shattering surprises. But I’m bored at work, and I have to arrange my favorite movies into some semblance of order to vote on them later anyway, so what the hell, I might as well write about them, too, while I’m at it.

This has been a tough list to make. 2013 has been a strong year across the board, from big blockbusters to indie fare and niche genre stuff. You might notice one title that has a very good chance of walking away with the best picture Oscar doesn’t have a home here. Overall, there was a woeful lack of quality animated movies this year. “Frozen” is easily the best, but it is only good, not great like some have claimed, and I seriously doubt we’ll be talking about it much a year or two from now.

Also, as usual, I’m also totally cheating with this list. You may notice that there are multiple number 10s. It isn’t that I can’t count—I can totally count to ten most days—but I got to the point where if I’d removed any one film, my list wouldn’t have been complete. There were movies that came close, but there is significant distance between the films I included and everything else.

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