Brent McKnight’s Best Films of 2013

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Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz in Upstream Color (2013) Movie Image

9. “Upstream Color”

It took nine years for fans of Shane Carruth’s indie time-travel mind-fuck “Primer” to get a follow up, but it was worth every single day. Oblique, metaphorical, and methodically paced, “Upstream Color” is the story of two broken, wounded people who find each other in strange, dire circumstances. To be honest, I’m still not sure what the hell is going on in this movie, but I love it. Beautiful and discordant, the mystery is most of the pleasure, and “Upstream Color” may be best consumed as a puzzle viewed in pieces, where the edges don’t necessarily match up, yet still form a stunning whole.

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Author: Brent McKnight

Brent McKnight lives in Seattle with his dogs. He likes beards, movies where things explode, and overcast skies. His three favorite movies are "Rubin and Ed", "A Bittersweet Life", and "Out for Justice". He wishes his knees didn't hurt. On Twitter @BrentMMcKnight
  • jasoom

    Her was always on my list to see. I m now adding inside llewyn and wolf of to my list of seeing. As I m from India, so less popular movies release very late.

    • Brent McKnight

      Hopefully you’ll get to see them soon. They’re all fantastic.

      • jasoom

        Watched wolf of wall street in a packed hall and everyone was laughing.
        The only downside was story telling and that over the top yacht in storm situation. It was fun, witty and kept jumping from one bizarre situation to another and I liked it for 3 hours.

        Inside llewyn releasing this week.