Brett Ratner in Talks to Direct Hercules


In one form or another, Brett Ratner has either been talking or attached to direct a movie about a muscle-bound dude with a sharp sword for some time now. He was been rumored on “Conan”, before the job eventually went to Marcus Nispel, and for the longest time he’s been talking up a movie version of the “God of War” game, though Kratos is nowhere near to reaching the big screen.

The latest muscle-bound hero to nab Ratner’s attention: Hercules.

Word is that Ratner is now in talks with producer Avi Lerner to bring Hercules’s labors to the big screen. The film has been in development seemingly forever (we last reported on it way back in 2007), but with the current crop of box office swords-and-sandals stars like Perseus in “Clash of the Titans” and Dastan in “Prince of Persia”, if you ever wanted to get a movie about a dude with God-like powers who goes around fighting lions and Gods, it’s either now or never.

Luckily for Ratner, Hercules doesn’t exactly have the fanboy cache of, say, “The X-Men”, so no worries about fanboys getting all up in his ass over the film.

Comic book Hercules is not a fan of chains.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    As much as I hate to say it I'd rather him make this than GoW. That said, NO, NO, UH UH, NO, HELL NO! NOPE! NO!

    Pleas Marvel don't do this, you want musclebound Greek goodness, go to Leterrier. He made Hulk cool, and as much as people complained (mostly I think because of their love of the original) he did okay with “Clash of the Titans.” Wasn't a great film, wasn't as good as the original, but it was it's own beast. More along the lines of GoW with it being much darker than the original. Not a bad thing. I wouldn't have wanted to see the same story retold the same way. ANYway yeah let Letterrier do it.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Soo I've been looking around the net, and reread this post, and apparently the picture messed me up. I thought he was doing Marvel's Herc. But still don't want him on any Greek mythology works.

  • Hernandez Merida_87

    Brett Ratner did a wonderful job with the ”Prison Break” series but with movies, I just know that ”X-Men Last stand” did not meet the expectations, so I’m not sure i want him anywhere near of, a Marvel movie of not, of my favorite character in all comic book industry, Hercules. And quite frankly, I don’t want Louis Leterrier neither ’cause to me TIH and Clash of the titans could have been so much better, so I don’t trust him to do justice to Herc.

    Marvel, I know that you didn’t take the character seriously in the past but I see now, that things are different and I hope you don’t go that shitty ”The coming of Herc” comics route where you depower him. That’s just not right. Hercules is the lion of Olympus and the prince of power. He is not meant to be weak. In fact, he is physically stronger than The Mighty Thor.

    After ”The Avengers”, please Marvel, can you just please do a Hercules movie. It will not be easy and I think It might even be more difficult to pull off than Thor ’cause there’s kind of a public perception of the character with the ”Hercules: The legendary journeys” 90′ series. But I know you can do it Marvel.

    • Dedpool

      See the pic got you too. It isn’t the Marvel herc he’s looking at.

      • Juggernaut

        I give 2 shits about a non-Marvel Hercules film so they could have Ratner or Letterier or any other yahoo in Hollywood or any other city tackle this crap!

        Now for a Marvel Herc movie… NO RATNER! There were some good points and some bad points to his X-Men film. However, there are far more apt directors to take on Hercules. Letterier is an okay choice for this franchise. His Hulk film was, in my opinion, very good. I liked the Clash Of The Titans flick too (I had no sentimental feelings for the original). That being said, with comic adaptations being the industry giant that it is why not aim higher? How about a Hercules directed by Wolfgang Petersen (In The Line Of Fire, Troy) or Ridley Scott (Black Hawk Down, Gladiator) or even Kevin Macdonald (The Last King Of Scotland, The Eagle). All of them impressive directors. All of them already had experience and success with “Sword & Sand” epics. That would be sweet! Now for the cast…

        • Dedpool

          If a Herc movie from Marvel gets made I’d say any one of those directors would work.

          Sent on the go.