Brett Ratner in Talks to Direct Hercules

In one form or another, Brett Ratner has either been talking or attached to direct a movie about a muscle-bound dude with a sharp sword for some time now. He was been rumored on “Conan”, before the job eventually went to Marcus Nispel, and for the longest time he’s been talking up a movie version of the “God of War” game, though Kratos is nowhere near to reaching the big screen.

The latest muscle-bound hero to nab Ratner’s attention: Hercules.

Word is that Ratner is now in talks with producer Avi Lerner to bring Hercules’s labors to the big screen. The film has been in development seemingly forever (we last reported on it way back in 2007), but with the current crop of box office swords-and-sandals stars like Perseus in “Clash of the Titans” and Dastan in “Prince of Persia”, if you ever wanted to get a movie about a dude with God-like powers who goes around fighting lions and Gods, it’s either now or never.

Luckily for Ratner, Hercules doesn’t exactly have the fanboy cache of, say, “The X-Men”, so no worries about fanboys getting all up in his ass over the film.

Comic book Hercules is not a fan of chains.