Brett Ratner No Longer Directing Escape from New York Remake

So there are two questions that begs to be answered here: 1) Why do fanboys hate Brett Ratner so much?; and 2) Who in the world would give Brett Ratner an “achievement in cinema” anything? The answer to #1 is, fanboys are just weird; and #2, the Savannah Film Festival, that’s who. But anyhoo. The big news coming out of geekland (via AICN) is that Brett Ratner will no longer be directing the “Escape from New York” remake. It was previously reported that Ratner would be replacing Len Wiseman on the remake, but apparently this is not the case, at least according to Ratner himself.

Here’s the original AICN scooper’s email:

I don’t know if this is old news but I can tell you that Brett Ratner isn’t directing the EFNY remake, according to him. He was given an “achievement in cinema” award at the Savannah Film Festival and I managed to ask him afterwards about it and he said that it was happening but not with him.

I know I’m not a spy or anything but thought I’d shoot you an email about it.

Brett Ratner getting an “achievement in cinema” is funny; the guy only has eight full-length feature films to his credit, and not a single one of them could be seen as a break-through film, unless you consider having Chris Tucker mouth off as “break-through”. But hey, maybe I just don’t see Brett Ratner’s genius.

Brett Ratner No Longer Directing Escape from New York Remake