Brett Ratner Replaces Len Wiseman on Escape from New York Remake

As much as people were indifferent to Len Wiseman (“Live Free or Die Hard”) directing the remake of John Carpenter’s cult classic “Escape from New York”, I can imagine how they’re going to react when sunlight arrives later today and news that Len Wiseman has been replaced on the project by no other than Brett Ratner. Yes, Brett Ratner. The director who is apparently so Godawful at his job that Jackie Chan has no problems bashing him despite having done three movies for the guy. Yup, that same guy. You fanboys mad yet? Scream, fanboys, scream out loud!

Here’s the news from Aint it Cool News:

I thought I’d still take a moment to fill you in on the latest news on a project near and dear to many loyal readers…

Got word this week that Len Wiseman is officially off Escape From New York. And who have the brilliant studio suits set their sights on?

None other than the much maligned Brett Ratner. So yeah, kinda goes from bad to worse. Chris Tucker and Jackie’s Chan’s involvement as Snake & Pliskin is still pendng…

AICN calls this an “unproven” source, but the always-right guys at IESB has since confirmed it. They also add that Wiseman may also be off the “Gears of War” movie, but later retracted that and said he was still on the project, although the studio may put it on the chopping block anyway because of the potential budget.

Say what you will about Brett Ratner, but I’ve never seen a guy more happy in his own skin. Of course, having the ability to grope attractive actresses at will ain’t exactly a bad life. Right, Brett?

Brett Ratner Replaces Len Wiseman on Escape from New York Remake