Brett Ratner to Direct The Wolfman?

There is only one other person in Hollywood more disliked by the geeks than Paul W.S. Anderson (not to be confused with Paul Thomas Anderson), and that person is … Brett Ratner. Hey, I don’t understand the dislike, either, as Ratner has done some decent movies in the past. Now comes word that Ratner has been selected by the studio to direct “The Wolf Man”, replacing Mark Romanek, who recently left the project.


I can’t conceive of the problems you must have felt were in place to see Mark Romanek leave THE WOLFMAN. That you were set to start shooting in 3 weeks… it’s truly a nightmare situation. The artwork that Rick Baker created under Mark’s watchful eye is literally stunning. And I know looking at the boards and the make up and the pre-vis that Mark set up – you’re looking for a shooter to step in and just deliver the movie that Mark conceived on the schedule you need it shot on.

Well word has reached me, from an incredibly reliable source – that you’ve settled on Brett Ratner as the director. With the work that Romanek, Baker and Benicio have done – I have no doubt that Brett will capture enough magic to assemble a trailer campaign that will sell the film. But you really need much more than a trailer.

Ratner is probably a safe bet for the studio, like Paul W.S. Anderson. I don’t know these men, or how they work behind the scenes, but if I were to guess, I’d guess that both guys know how to make movies fast and under budget, and that’s why studios like them. Or maybe I’m wrong, and they just have pictures of studio suits making out with sheep. Either/or.

Brett Ratner to Direct The Wolfman?