Brian De Palma, Brad Anderson in Line for Paranormal Activity 2

This is actually not as crazy an idea as it sounds: with the first movie having gone the “less is more” approach (admittedly, that’s more the result of a barebones budget than anything), the sequel is probably smart not to tread the same ground, and instead will be going for a bigger, more glossy vibe. Which makes this LATimes story about how Paramount is considering some experienced directors to take over the gig vacated by Kevin Greutert (read all about that battle of the measuring sticks here), including American expatriate auteur Brian De Palma, not all that surprising.

According to the article, De Palma is just one name on a short list of experienced Hollywood writers/directors Paramount is currently considering for the cushy gig. The other is noted screenwriter Akiva Goldsmith, who has written everything from “I am Legend” to “A Beautiful Mind” to — gasp — the rubber nipple Batman movies. That’s right, Akiva, it won’t matter how many Oscars you win, you’re still going to be forever known as one of the guys who thought it was a good idea to give Batman rubber nipples. Deal with it. Another name is Greg McLean, the Aussie director of the well-received horror film “Wolf Creek”.

The final name, and the man I would choose if I had the power, is Brad Anderson (top, left). The article cites Anderson’s “Transsiberian” as one of his past films, but the movie that would more closely resemble a “Paranormal Activity” sequel is Anderson’s incredibly creepy and effective “Session 9”, a film that relied entirely on atmosphere and fucking with your mind for its scares. Anderson directing “Paranormal Activity 2” would be a perfect match, and he would probably be cheaper than De Palma and come with less baggage. And if you’ve never seen “Session 9”, I can’t recommend it enough.

“Paranormal Activity 2” is scheduled for this Halloween, which would pit it against the latest “Saw” bore — er, I mean, installment.

Aw, man, I hate these late night bathroom runs. Stupid ghosts.