Brit Marling’s The East Strikes With a New Trailer

Julia Ormond, Aldis Hodge, Ellen Page, Brit Marling and Shiloh Fernandez in The East (2013) Movie Image

It’s the film all you eco, er, enthusiasts have been waiting for — Zal Batmanglij’s “The East”, which posits that corporations will do anything to stop a bunch of activists living in the woods, including sending Brit Marling in undercover. Unfortunately for her, she falls in love with the group’s shaggy haired but totally hunky leader played by Alexander Skarsgård, leading to, I assume, sex in the woods. Then Ellen Page shows up and gets suspicious or something.

Check out the latest trailer for “The East”. It takes itself uber seriously, which makes sense given how serious the real-life eco folks take themselves.

In THE EAST, Sarah Moss is a brilliant operative for an elite private intelligence firm whose top objective is to ruthlessly protect the interests of their A-list corporate clientele. She is assigned to go undercover to infiltrate an anarchist collective known for executing covert attacks upon major corporations. Living amongst them in an effort to get closer to their members, Sarah finds herself unexpectedly torn between two worlds as she starts to fall in love with the group’s charismatic leader, finding her life and her priorities irrevocably changed.

“The East” also stars Julia Ormond (remember her?) and Patricia Clarkson as the evil corporate Ice Queen who sends fair-haired Brit Marling in to do the evil dead. Damn you, Patricia Clarkson!

Striking the rich this May 31, 2013.

The East (2013) Movie Poster