British Batman Rumormonger Takes Issue with Being Called a Rumormonger

It seems that British writer Gordon Smart, who last week wrote in The Sun that Eddie Murphy has been cast as The Riddler in the upcoming Batman Begins 3 movie and that Shia LaBeouf would be playing Robin, among other interesting tidbits, is taking offense to the fanboy community calling bullshit on his news gathering ways. In his own defense, Smart would like to point out that the same source who imparted the Batman rumors onto him also told him Daniel Craig was the new Bond back in 2005, before Craig became the new Bond.

Reports MTV via The Guardian UK:

“Everyone had a crack at us when we published that one,” said Smart. “I was almost laughed out of conference that day, but it turned out to be spot on. I wish I had had a bet on it.”

Off the record, Smart revealed his precise source, and if we are to believe him, it would appear a pretty reliable one. It follows, then, that the rest of yesterday’s story might also be falsehood-free.

So, on that basis, prepare yourself for a Dark Knight sequel in 2010 (despite the fact that Nolan hasn’t even officially signed on yet for a third film) titled Gotham, featuring Murphy, LaBeouf and Bale, with Rachel Weisz as Catwoman. Gird your loins, also, for a cliffhanger denouement in which Wayne Towers is hit by a blast which may or may not have offed the Batman.

Here’s the deal: since this has become such a big story in and of itself, once Goyer and Nolan go into a dark room to write the script for their third Batman film, I’m guessing they’ll almost immediately kill off the notion of having Robin, the Riddler, and anything approaching the destruction of Wayne Towers in the script. Just a hunch.

Of course, we could all be wrong, and Gordon Smart could actually be right. After all, his last name is, you know, Smart. And as he proudly said, he did get the Daniel Craig as Bond thing right in 2005, so that’s gotta count for something, right? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Below: Eddie Murphy as the Riddler. How bad could it be? Right?