British Superhero Show No Heroics Trailer

So this trailer for a new British TV show called No Heroics has been going around the Interwebs, and it actually looks pretty decent. Basically it’s the British version of Ben Stiller’s “Mystery Men”, complete with goofy costumes, goofy superheroes, and goofy plotlines. Except, you know, with the British dry humor. Which means if you love British dry humor and inept superheroes, you’re gonna love this show. And if you don’t? Well then, um, I suggest not watching it cause you probably won’t like it. See how that works?

Anyways, the plot involves a gang of superhero friends who don’t get any respect out in the world, mostly because they’re pretty lame, although the chick who can talk to machines is kinda cool. She could, like, reprogram your VCR and stuff. (What? People still have VCRs, right?) Although I can see how the whole shtick might get old after a while. How many episodes can you watch a bunch of lame guys in badly fitting suits bitch about their lot in life before it starts to sound like your Uncle Eddie during the holidays?

But hey, I’m being overly negative. It’s British, so it has to be good, right? At least that’s what they tell me. See the 3 and a half minutes trailer for yourself. The show is supposed to premiere next month in the UK.