Bruce Campbell May or May Not by Mysterio in Spider-Man 4

Bruce Campbell in “Spider-Man 4”? Sure, probably. It is being directed by Sam Raimi, after all, and Raimi and Campbell go together like peanut butter and a fake guy watching Desperate Housewives alone at nights with the lights turned down so the neighbors don’t see. The latest rumor comes from Access Hollywood and has the Chinned One not only showing up in “Spidey 4”, but also playing a major role this time around.

Spider-Man 4” will start shooting in January 2010, Bruce Campbell told Access Hollywood at his “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” premiere on Saturday.

The actor, who has a long relationship with director Sam Raimi via his lead role in the “Evil Dead” trilogy, made memorable cameos in the first three “Spider-Man” films.

However, he may have a bigger role this time around. Bruce told Access that in the next installment in the superhero franchise, he’s been told he has a major part – but didn’t yet know anything about his character.

The villain – or villains — for the movie have yet to be revealed, though some fans have speculated that Bruce could take on the role of Mysterio – the master of illusion.

The first one is probably correct. The film has been scheduled for 2011 for some time, so a 2010 start date would make sense in order to leave room post-production, which are usually very lengthy for these major studio comic book movies.

The part about Campbell playing Mysterio, on the other hand, is one of those, “Eh, maybe, maybe not” sort of rumors. Granted, Campbell is pals with Raimi, but Raimi usually likes to punish Campbell in his movies, and I’m not sure if just putting Campbell in a giant mirror globe is punishment enough.

But we shall see, shalln’t we?

Hey, buddy, did you hear? Bruce Campbell may or may not be playing me in the new Spidey movie!

Hey, buddy, did you hear? Bruce Campbell may or may not be playing me in the new Spidey movie!