Bruce Lee Trilogee!!

Bruce Lee

Apparently there is a 3 part biographical feature project in the works about the one and only Bruce Lee, kung fu master extraordinaire. Bruce Lee’s family will be working with J.A Media which is based in China to bring the master’s story to celluloid, and the first installment of the trilogy will focus on Bruce Lee’s life up until adolescence in Hong Kong. Though known for his martial arts prowess, the producers are dedicated to presenting a more complete look at the man’s life. There will be kung fu in it (hopefully wire-free) so you chop sockey fans needn’t worry.

The only confirmed cast member as of now is Tony Leung Ka Fei who will star as Bruce Lee’s father. Shooting will begin in October and the first movie which will be entitled Bruce Lee is set for release on the 27th of November. True fans will know the significance of that date, everybody else just look it up.

And now enjoy a clip of the master talking about water…refreshing!