Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver Enter the Cold Light of Day

Bruce Willis and shadowy Government conspiracies involving lots of stuff blowing up and murder go together like Bruce Willis and terrorists. (See: his upcoming “Red”.) The “Die Hard” star’s latest is playing the father in the middle of a mysterious kidnapping in the thriller “The Cold Light of Day”, which has Henry Cavill playing a young Wall Street tyke who must uncover his family’s (but in particular, daddy Willis’s) dark secrets in order to solve their sudden disappearance while on vacation in Spain. “Avatar” star Sigourney Weaver is also in negotiations to play the film’s villain.

The last time we reported on the film was way back in 2009, when co-writer Scott Wiper (“The Condemned”) was still attached to direct. Wiper has since moved aside for “JCVD” director Mabrouk El Mechri to take over. “JCVD”, for those unfamiliar, was a “mock” documentary about the life of a guy name Jean-Claude Van Damme played by … well, Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Mabrouk El Mechri will direct from a script by Wiper and John Petro, with novelist/screenwriter Richard Price (“Clockers”) expected to take a turn at the draft for Intrepid Pictures and Summit Entertainment.

Production on “The Cold Light of Day” is set for September 6 on location in Spain.

'JCVD would very much like a role in this movie. Make it happen for JCVD, people.'