Bruce Willis Confirmed Back for Sin City 2, More on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Character

Bruce Willis in Sin City (2005) Movie Image

Robert Rodriguez, Austin native and all-around swell guy, was up in the snow and muck of Park City for Sundance, where MTV caught up with him. (Yes, MTV is doing Sundance now. Hell, they’ve probably been doing it for a while now, and I just never noticed. Try to wrap your mind around that, kids. Does anyone who watch MTV even watch anything that will be coming out of Sundance?)

As expected, the conversation came around to “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”, and among the many topics, Rodriguez confirms that Bruce Willis will indeed return as Hartigan, the framed cop from the first movie. Rodriguez also elaborates on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, “Johnny”, a new character created just for the sequel. In a word, it’s gonna be a long, bad night for Johnny.

You can watch the full interview with Rodriguez below. Look for “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”, featuring a star-studded cast of returnees and newcomers, later this year.