Bruce Willis Interviewing Directors For Die Hard 5 – UPDATED

UPDATE Looks like it’s not Espinosa. Sorry, Bruce. THR reports that Fox has hired Noam Murro (“Smart People”) to direct “Die Hard 5”. -Nix


Bruce Willis is “Die Hard”, and conversely, “Die Hard” is Bruce Willis. The two are inexorably intertwined, and you can’t have one without the other. Willis is on record as saying he wants to make add two more films to the franchise before he hangs up his spurs as John McClane. Now Vulture reports that he’s working on behalf of this goal and interviewing potential directors for “Die Hard 5”.

Who does Willis want to direct him?

At the top of his list… is Jorge Daniel Espinosa, the Swedish director who’s now making his English-language debut directing Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in the CIA thriller “Safe House” at Universal.

As long as Bruce Willis is involved I will go see any “Die Hard” movie that comes down the pipe. Willis can be geriatric and chasing badguys down on a damn Hoveround in a dirty wife beater and I will be there the day it opens, ready and willing to hand over my hard earned legal tender. Just knowing that there is another “Die Hard” in the works, even in this embryonic stage, is enough to brighten my day even in the darkest of times.

Though Willis is on the hunt for helmers, “Die Hard 5” is having some script issues. The honchos at 20th Century Fox were apparently “less than thrilled” with the latest draft by Skip Woods (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, “Hitman”, “The A-Team”), and “heading back to the drawing board” whatever that means. Does that mean they’re making Woods start over again, or finding someone else entirely?