Bruce Willis is an Expiring Hitman in Expiration

Bruce Willis in G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) Movie Image

Bruce Willis with a gun in his hand usually results in pretty decent box office. Emmett and Furla Films apparently thinks so, too, because they’ve tapped the “Die Hard” star to front their upcoming actioner “Expiration”.

Written by Brian Tucker (“Broken City”), “Expiration” would find Willis playing “a hitman who is poisoned and desperately searching for an antidote before he dies.”

Well, ain’t that ironic. The guy who kills people for a living gets poisoned and now has to find a way to save his own life. Wait, is that ironic? Maybe a little bit. I don’t know, words sometimes confuses me.

There are no directors attached to “Expiration” yet, but with Willis already onboard and a $60 million dollar budget ready to be spent, finding someone to call “Action” shouldn’t take too long.

Willis is coming off “A Good Day to Die Hard”, which despite awful critical reviews, still managed over $300 million worldwide, with over $230 million of that coming from foreign box office. Americans may like Willis with a gun in his hands, but foreigners really like him with a gun in his hands.

Via : The Wrap