Bruce Willis is Kane in Kane and Lynch Movie

Bruce Willis (pictured, left) as a badass is easy to sell — just look at the “Die Hard” movies. If negotiations go well, Willis will be slipping on the gun holster and spare clip pouches of another badass — this time one named Kane, one half of Kane and Lynch, the stars of Eidos Interactive’s videogame called, well, “Kane and Lynch”, of course. No word yet on who will be playing Lynch, a schizo killer assigned to watch over Kane, a former merc and now death row inmate busted out of prison by his former gang to find a stolen fortune, with Kane’s wife and kid used as bargaining chips by the bad dudes. How many guesses that the bad dudes will end up swiss cheese dudes by the end of the movie?

According to Reuters, Lionsgate is eyeballing a Fall 2008 start date for the project, with former stunt coordinator Simon Crane making his feature film directorial debut on the movie.

Meanwhile, here’s the game’s set-up from Wikipedia:

Adam ‘Kane’ Marcus is traveling to death row after being convicted of crimes he committed in Venezuela. Another death row inmate, James Lynch, hints of a mid-destination breakout unbeknownst to Kane. Their truck is involved in a head-on collision and an unknown group of mercenaries set them free. It quickly becomes apparent that this isn’t a rescue, but a kidnapping. The two are taken to a shopping mall still under construction. Here it’s revealed that the remaining survivors of the botched Venezuela job, The7, are behind the breakout. They plan to take revenge on Kane for leaving them to die and taking the group’s ‘retirement’ reward. They make him an offer; retrieve the stolen item in three weeks or his wife and daughter will be murdered. Even if he’s successful or not, he will still be executed. Lynch acts as a watchdog, reporting in to The7 (now only four; The villianous Older Brother who is the leader, the psychotic Younger Brother who is Kane’s nemesis, Carlos who is Kane’s best friend and quiet sociopathic killer Mute) on Kane’s movements.

Sounds like fun times!

Kane and Lynch Movie