Bruce Willis’ Red Adds Mary-Louise Parker and John C. Reilly

Not content to have just a bunch of old dudes in their movie, Summit Entertainment has added two younger castmembers to their live-action adaptation of Warren Ellis’ “Red”. Well, “younger” in comparison to star Willis and co-stars Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren, anyway. They are John C. Reilly and “Weed” star Mary-Louise Parker.

John C. Reilly, who is equally at home in comedies as well as dramas, will play a fellow retired CIA agent who is convinced everyone is out to kill him. They call that paranoia, but only if it’s not true. Since this is a movie about killer CIA assassins, he’s probably not paranoid.

Mary-Louise Parker, meanwhile, will play the love interest to Willis’ character. She is a federal pension worker who becomes embroiled in John Mclane’s bid to stay alive and ahead of some young high-tech assassin types trying to snuff him out for good. For you see, Willis is playing an ex-CIA operative who has since retired, when bad guys show up to do him in. That’s never a good thing when you’re in a relationship with someone as smoking as Mary-Louise Parker. Chicks never “get” that whole “chased by high-tech assassin” baggage.

Summit is adapting the movie from a Wildstorm/DC Comics miniseries written by comic scribe Warren Ellis, with Robert Schwentke directing.

I'd smoke that. Get it? Because she's in a show called Weeds? Ahem.

I'd smoke that. Get it? Because she's in a show called Weeds? Ahem.