Bruce Willis’ Red Gets a Director

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Robert Schwentke (the upcoming “The Time Traveler’s Wife”) is currently in negotiations to take the helm of Bruce Willis’ movie adaptation of the Warren Ellis comic book “Red”, about a retired spy who must come out of retirement when high-tech assassins try to take him out and endanger his girlfriend in the process. It’s a pretty sad story, really. All he really wants is to sit on his rocking chair and threaten kids that wander onto his lawn, but then one day guys with guns show up, and instead of running off when he shouts, “Get off my lawn”, they try to shoot him with, you know, high-tech guns and junk. Stupid high-tech assassins.

Besides Willis as the star, the film has also added recently Morgan Freeman to the cast, though it’s not known what role he’ll play in the movie.

Besides “The Time Traveler’s Wife” with Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams, the German Schwentke has also directed Jodie Foster in the thriller “Flightplan”, so he knows his way around a thriller/action movie, though I’m sure “Red” will probably be his most action-centric movie yet. Then again, he did break out with “Tattoo” before hitting the Hollywood circuit, so it’s not like he can’t adapt.

Below: “So, Jodie, we going out after this movie or what? You’re into guys, right?”