Bruce Willis’ Red Gets a Little Classier with Helen Mirren

I don’t have a clue what Helen Mirren is doing in an action movie starring Bruce Willis called “Red”, but word from the trades is that she’s joining the cast of the Willis actioner, and she won’t exactly be playing his mum, as they say across the pond. Instead, Mirren will play an old associate of Willis’ character, a woman with a lethal set of skills. Despite her classy resume, Mirren isn’t a total novice to these type of roles. She once played a hitwoman in 2005’s “Shadowboxer”. It’s actually the kind of role I can totally see Joan Allen of “The Bourne” films and “Death Race” in, but that’s neither here nor there and honestly, I don’t know why I brought it up.

The movie, which also stars Morgan Freeman, has Willis playing a retired CIA black ops specialist who is pulled back into the game when high-tech assassins show up intent on retiring him — permanently. By that I mean they try to kill him. Ahem. That doesn’t stand very well with Willis’ character, of course, so he tries to find out who’s after him and, one presumes, much shooting and clever quips follow.

Robert Schwenke (“Flightplan”) is directing for Summit Entertainment.

“Red” will be based on the comic book by Warren Ellis and artist Cully Hamner. Ellis is on something of a roll right now, with a number of comics getting optioned, some with a more realistic chance of actually getting made than others.

Wait, what? Did Helen Mirren just snake a role from me? That bitch!

Wait, what? Did Helen Mirren just snake a role from me? That bitch!