Bruce Willis Sees Die Hard 5 Shooting in 2011, Talks Unbreakable 2

While doing promo rounds for the Kevin Smith cop comedy “Cop Out”, Bruce Willis told MTV (completely unprompted, you’ll notice) that he thinks a “Die Hard 5” is likely to shoot by 2011. And you know what? It probably will, if just because Willis has said so, and thus given the suits his assurance that he would be back as die hard cop John McClane for the fifth go-round. Another reason why a fifth “Die Hard” movie is a no-brainer? $383 million worldwide box office. That’s how much the last one, “Live Free or Die Hard” made from a just north of $100 million budget. That’s a nice little profit, folks,

According to Willis, he sees the fifth “Die Hard” movie going International, with his New York cop John McClane taking his brand of mayhem overseas. Willis also says that he would prefer Len Wiseman, who directed “Live Free or Die Hard” return in the director’s chair, though I’m sure he wouldn’t walk if someone else got the gig. After all, Willis has been pining for a hit since 2007’s “Live Free or Die Hard”.

In the same interview (but different video, below), Willis also answered a question about “Unbreakable 2”. According to Willis, M. Night Shyamalan, the writer/director of “Unbreakable”, is still “thinking” about doing a sequel, but honestly, it sounds like he’s just answering a question here, and doesn’t really think anything is going to happen.

It’s too bad, too, because of the two movies, “Unbreakable 2” would be my first choice, though I just don’t see how a “fight” between Willis and Samuel L. Jackson’s character would work. One guy’s unbreakable and the other guy — well, not so much. I suppose he could be an “evil genius” with henchmen and such, but that might not play in the film’s “gritty” (re: real) world.

Look, there's a sequel idea right there. Sweet.