Bruce Willis Signs up for Some Sci-Fi Vice

Bruce Willis in Surrogates (2009) Movie Image

Bruce Willis is headed back to the future in Emmett/Furla Films’ “Vice,” a spec script from writers Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore.

“Vice” is described as “having a Westworld-meets-Grand Theft Auto vibe, is set on a resort in the future where the staff are lifelike synthetic beings and the rich can live out their darkest fantasies. The pseudo-paradise has an ‘anything goes’ policy, given that the memories of the androids reset every night. One female staffer, however, suffers a glitch and is flooded with all her memories. Realizing the horror she has been made to suffer, she vows revenge.”

Willis will play the owner of the resort, while Ambyr Childers (“We Are What We Are”) will play the female “staffer” with the glitch.

Sounds like Willis is playing the villain in this one. Hopefully, anyway, because Childers (below) is way, way too young for him. Then again, that’s never stopped Hollywood before.

The last time Willis was in sci-fi land it was in 2009’s “Surrogates” and 2012’s “Looper.”

“Vice” doesn’t have a director attached yet.

Ambyr Childers in Ray Donovan

Via : Heat Vision