Bruce Willis Will Mentor an American Assassin

American Assassin Book CoverCIA badass Mitch Rapp is getting John McClane as a mentor. Hey, not a bad role model if you can swing it. Or at least, Rapp will be getting the guy who plays John McClane in the “Die Hard” movies (and who has a new one coming out later next year, by the by).

That guy would be Bruce Willis, just in case you were, you know, confused or something.

Anyways. Willis is currently in talks with the powers that be to play a major role in “American Assassin”, the movie adaptation of Vince Flynn’s novel of the same name. The book chronicles one Mitch Rapp, a former Syracuse grad student who signs up with the CIA after his girlfriend is killed by terrorists during an attack. Nothing like cold hard revenge as motivation to risk your life for God and Country.

Rapp has still not been cast, but Willis will play Rapp’s would-be CIA mentor. (Curiously, Kevin Costner is plying essentially the same character in the new “Jack Ryan” movie. I guess when you get older, instead of getting offers for the lead, you start getting offers to mentor the lead. Or in Willis’ case, he’s still getting offers for leads and mentoring roles.)

Jeffrey Nachmanoff (“Traitor”) is currently attached to direct, with Mike Finch supplying the script. Uber producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is doing the producing honors.

Bruce Willis can next be seen in “Looper”, where he is mentoring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Well, not really.

Bruce Willis in Looper (2012) Movie Image

Via : Variety