Bruno Red-Band Trailer

So let me get this straight: Bruno is a gay Austrian fashion designer who comes to America and makes fun of rednecks in the South, black women on talk shows, and tries to make as many people uncomfortable as possible with his gayness? Hunh. So that’s enough for a whole movie? Go figure. Red band trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno” after the jump.

Flamboyant Austrian fashionista Brüno takes his show to America.

Starring Sacha Baron Cohen and everyone else who is too stupid to realize this “flamboyantly” gay guy is making all this shit up just to get a rise out of them. Look, if you allow Cohen and his Bruno get-up to make fun of you like this, you’re obviously too stupid to procreate, and thus deserves to made fun of in public so women can see how dumb you are, and not have sex with you and bring forth more gullible doofuses into this world.

The below is a “red band” trailer (for boobies), which means adults only.

Bruno jazz hands into theaters July 10.