Bryan Cranston Looking Forward to Slapping Colin Farrell Around in Total Recall

Len Wiseman’s “Total Recall” reboot is moving along swimmingly, with Colin Farrell firmly entrenched as the new hero, a couple of babes already set for major roles, and “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston set to play the villain, Cohaagen, a role formerly played by the great Ronny Cox in the Paul Verhoeven original.

Via Digital Spy, Cranston has talked a bit more about his approach to the remake:

I took a different path as you will see. To me, to find [Colin Farrell’s character] and to capture him was about trying to restrain an unruly teenager of mine. I have no intention of causing him any long term damage, but he needs to be punished. He is being challenging like a teenager would be.

That is my whole approach to it as opposed to the ‘I want him dead!’ kind of feeling.

Unlike Cox’s Cohaagen, Cranston’s won’t be based on Mars, since the whole Mars plot has completely been removed from the upcoming remake. The new version will feature feuding nation-states on a futuristic Earth instead, with Farrel’s hero realizing he’s a spy, though unsure for which state.