Bryan Fuller Looking to Explore the Early Days of Hannibal Lecter


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Honestly, how long can Hollywood possibly keep kicking this dead horse? Seriously, folks. Enough already. However, if “Hannibal Rising” wasn’t enough to ruin the mythos of one of the screen’s more notorious serial killers, “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller and the folks over at Gaumont are in the process of crafting an hour-long drama based around Hannibal Lecter, everyone’s favorite madman from “Silence of the Lambs”, among others. Although Lecter’s early years have already been touched upon in other films, the program in question will apparently focus on the killer’s cat-and-mouse games with FBI agent Will Graham. Insert yawn here.

Does anyone else think this is an incredibly bad idea? Part of Lecter’s appeal was the mystery surrounding his past, which was all but destroyed with “Hannibal Rising”. Do we really need a weekly series based around his younger days? Count me out on this one. That having been said, I’m sure others will think this is a fantastic idea, especially if you’re one of the few who actually enjoyed the aforementioned prequel. It’s also worth noting that Bryan Fuller is also piecing together a reboot of “The Munsters”, which suggests that, when your insanely original television show is cancelled, you should immediately mine other people’s successes in order to keep your career afloat. For shame, Fuller. For shame.

“Pushing Daisies” was superb, by the way.

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Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Maikatideba

    The only thing that is destroyed is your brain!

  • Maikatideba

    The only thing that is destroyed is your brain!

  • Tin Hoang

    It could work if it was for HBO or Showtime. Network TV, it would be boring.

  • DrSftpork

    I agree with the HBO comment, and add that it should be a period piece. in the age of CSI and ubertech, i would be happy to see retro detective work.

    It would be interesting to see the transformation of the character from traumatized child, to brilliant medical student, who is no longer challenged or satisfied by being smarter than his peers, to megalomaniacal genius looking to match his wits against more formidable opponents. I would like to see him start living a secret life as a hooligan, and i would want his first murder to be accidental. After he has a complete paranoid, guilty breakdown, and successfully covers his crime, I would like to see him descend the slippery slope of depravity, testing what he can get away with, until he ultimately gets so bored by sheer decadent violence, that he starts challenging the authorites directly.

    I think Will Graham should not even be introduced until much later. That just puts to short an expiration date on the project. If this show is made, it should be all about Lecter’s insatiable hunger to test his boundaries, further pushing the envelope, until he has so far lost his humanity, that he eventually seeks an opponent he thinks may actually catch him. It should be about the absolute freedom of being one of the smartest men in the world, and about how absolute freedom ensures utter chaos. I think it could be quite good, but only if Dr. Lecter is given his proper dues, and is not condensed into some Dawson’s Creek caricature of Anthony Hopkin’s performance.

    The reason Hopkins’ Lecter was so good boils down to one thing for me: he could have escaped at any time, but was not motivated to until he met Clarice. I’m sure his escape plan had been hatched long ago, and stored away on a dusty shelf in his brain. It was in meeting the formidable Agent Starling that he remembered what he was capable of, and it reignited his desire to push his boundaries, and feel true anarchistic freedom. Whether or not the show captures that element of the character’s personality will either make or break it.

    we will have to see…

  • Muertos

    Dead Like Me was pretty awesome. I trust Fuller. And, I agree, if it goes cable network, it could be really good.