Bryan Kramer’s Presence Offers Up the Apocalypse with Exploding Heads

As creepy as it may sound, motion pictures about exploding heads always amuse me. Granted, there aren’t very many to choose from — “Scanners” and its obscure direct-to-video spin-off “Scanner Cop” are probably the cream of the crop — but I’m always in the mood to watch human cranium’s go kaboom in a cinematic setting. Perhaps that’s why I’m inexplicably drawn to Bryan Kramer’s post-apocalyptic horror outing “Presence”. Not only does it feature plenty of exploding heads, but it’s presented in a very strange and unusual fashion. If Gasper Noe and Shinya Tsukamoto joined forces, the end result might look something like this. A compliment, to be sure.

As always, a handy plot synopsis:

A man races through the city at night narrating his vision of the events that led to the present apocalypse and trying to escape from the disease he believes is the cause of it all. A disease that, in its current mutation, causes heads to explode.

See? Exploding heads, right there in the plot synopsis. Now that’s classy. Hugs and pleutonic love to for giving me the head’s up on this one. Get it? Head’s up? Ugh. Enjoy the trailers and the clips.