Bryan Singer Confirms The X-Men: First Class Sequel Will be Called Days of Future Past


Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past Comic CoverI guess we can now stop calling Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming “X-Men: First Class” sequel “X-Men: First Class 2″, because it’s now gotten an official subtitle: “Days of Future Past”. That’s the word from the film’s producer Bryan Singer himself, so you can take it to the bank. If, you know, you have a bank account. I mean, if you don’t, nevermind.

A subtitle for the film isn’t just for the sake of having a subtitle — it also provides a clear path to the sequel’s possible plot. In this case, the “Days of Future Past” story arc.

So, what’s is it? Well, “Days of Future Past” is a well-regarded storyline from the “X-Men” comic books written/drawn by the duo of Chris Claremont and John Byrne in the early ’80s. It’s set in a near future where all mutants have been rounded up and put in internment camps after the assassination of a powerful politician by mutant bad guys. It’s up to future mutant Kitty Pryde, who projects her mind into the past, where she takes over her younger self in order to convince the present X-Men to save the future, something that pits them against, one presumes, Magneto’s Brotherhood of (Evil) Mutants.

Kitty Pryde last appeared in Brett Ratner’s “X-Men: Last Stand”, where she was played by Ellen Page. (She also appeared briefly in the two previous installments, both times played by different actresses.) The character had the ability to “phase” herself or anything she touches through other solid objects.

But hey, don’t take my word for it, here’s Singer himself:

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  • Curtis

    So will we get to see Hugh Jackman as old man Logan

    • Dedpool

      Possibly. I’d love them to do The Old Man Logan story animated!!!! But A Days of future past influenced First Class sequel sounds interesting.

    • clarkspark

      I don’t Hugh Jackman hoging all the screen time but I think it would greatly benefit them to have him reprise Wolverine. Just as long as he’s not the only X-men that can save the day. I swear it always just comes down to Wolverine to save the day. I don’t remember that always being the case in the comics. lol

  • clarkspark

    “Days of Future Past” storyline sounds good. As long as it doesn’t have Angel (played by Zoe Kravitz) from First Class…man did I dislike that character. I think it would be cool to have Ellen Page play Kitty again, even though there have been different actresses for each movie.

    I just wish X-men movies had the Avengers treatment where each character had about equal facetime. I mean Colossus in X-2 was wallpaper as were most X-kids but at least let the more popular ones stand out a bit. Of course that will all depend on the writing.

  • ErickKwon

    My memory of the book storyline is fuzzy at best, but it’d be great to see the Fox X-men Universe take on this with the “First Class” characters plus others, and maybe a supporting (but only supporting, please) for Wolverine. As off-canon the FXU is from the comics, they at least proved with “First Class” that they can make it work. And as in the case of “The Avengers”, this is something that could get fucked pretty badly but here’s hoping

    • Dedpool

      I agree. With the changes already made, they can find a way to make this work within their comic universe. I was never mad at the changes made to the universe. I’m a big supporter of change so that my movies don’t exactly mirror my comics, but the writing still has to be good, and Last Stand and Wolverine were sub par at best. The comic versions of charadters already exist. Give me the aesthetic feel and look, hit major plot points, and give me good dialogue and action and I’m good. So fingers crossed.

      • ErickKwon

        And being that this is still a Bryan Singer production, I would love to see the original X cast come back for cameo/supporting roles in addition to Hugh Jackman. Without the distraction of favoring Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Iceman, Pyro or Colossus could get some choice screentime, even if it is as parallel world alternates. And it’d be great chance to pay off on the Sentinels tease from “X-3″.

        • Dedpool

          Exactly!! Well except that Cyclops is dead, and I’d actually want most of those others dead as well, or see them die in some epic battle. I’d actually love to see grown up versions of Iceman, Kitty, Pyro, and Colossus (since they were the youngest) and Angel looking after what’s left of mutants in this post apocalyptic future.

          • Juggernaut

            It has been killing me not being able to commrnt on this developement for the last couple of hours! Stupid work fire wall!!! LOL.
            I’ve been really exited since first hearing the rumors of th DOFP story coming to the big screen. Even with the alterations to the cannon that I’m sure will be made this should turn out great. It is a bold move to do time travel but if done right it could pay off in a major way. Having already established the first film in a historically conscious manner this one could touch on both political and social milestones such as the Kennedys being assasinated, MLK, the end of the cold war, etc. as well as deliver a cool story about the mutants (good and bad) and the future that we can ultimately live in as a result of such events. The bridge to bring in not only members of the cast of the original three films (Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine being the most likely) but also time traveling characters like Rachel Summers, Cable, Bishop and the XSE, Hope, the possibilities are endless!
            Imagine a scene like this as the intro to the film;

            (The year 2099) 
A mutant resistance led by Logan (Hugh Jackman in yet another cameo of course!) has been evading the impending forces of the overlord Apocalypse. The mutant formerly known as Wolverine and his second in command Cable (Stephen Lang) are on the run from the Sentinels and their commander Ahab. They scurry through the distressed landscape guarding a young girl with auburn hair. Sneaking in the shadows they are suddenly revealed by a blinding spotlight from high above the destroyed skyline. They flee into the night. A wanted poster naming a who’s who of former X-Men adorns the tattered concrete wall that was behind them. They can run only so far and so long before being found. The two men and their young aquaintant see that their attempts to hide are futile decide to stand and fight. After defeating a handful of the giant, mutant hunting robots Ahab calls for reinforcements. Logan and Cable continue their dash through the rampaged landscape and finally reach their base, a disheveled bunker with twenty foot steel doors. They proceed to hold off the advancing hordes. Inside a para-military force known as the XSE are finalizing their systems. Officers Shard, Randall, Archer, Malcom and Fitzroy ready Operation Greystone while Shard’s elder brother,Bishop (Terry Crewes), readies for his mission. The doors quickly open and violently slam shut. In walks the cloaked traveler. She pulls back her hood to reveal her long, flowing, auburn locks. Her name is Hope (Molly Quinn). She is ordered by Shard to prepare to enter the chamber that has been constructed by XSE leader Forge (Michael Eklund) and his protege, Fixx (Freida PInto). As they climb atop the teleportation device Ahab and the Sentinel forces overcome Logan and Cable. Other XSE members Trace, Amazon, Hecate, Recoil and Sureshot distract the Sentinels and draw their attention away from Forge’s giant construct long enough for Fixx to initiate the transport sequence. Bishop watches helplessly as the XSE are slaughtered brutally. The last thing he sees before vanishing into the slipstream is his sister’s face. She closes her eyes serenely and is eradicated by a blast from the hand of a towering, metallic behemoth. 
(Present day 1965)

          • Dedpool

            Good stuff. Liking the mix of dfferent futures like Bishops, DOFP, AoA. I don’t think they’ll go full on like that though. The thing is if setting up a DoFP storyline Apocalypse can’t be in control, thats the opposite of what DoFP was about. AoA and DoFP are opposite extremes where in one Mutants rule under Apocalypse with a small rebel X-men crew trying to save humanity, and the other Humanity has hunted mutants down to almost extinction, so mixing the two makes for an interesting idea for a future, kind of like Age of X where it’s still a full on war.

          • ErickKwon

            I think the biggest revelation of doing this arc is of course that, yeah, there’s time travel, and yeah, this means they could pull a “Star Trek 09″ and “officially” reboot. The nagging question for me is when exactly the movie’s A timeline will be set. I always thought that a perfect “First Class” trilogy would be set in successive decades and an ideal last scene would be the very first scene featuring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan from “X-Men.”

  • Rondell Vector Prime

    The problem as I have always seen it is that studios are trying to make comic book movies “real”. That sort of approach doesn’t work for me.Case in point Green Goblin was an exo suit instead what he was in the comics.

    It’s about time the studios stick to the comics and their look and story. That’s what made them successful in the first place. Not any director take on it. Days of Future Past can be successful if they stick to the source material (and include the Sentinels).

  • Thedude

    The thing that’s great about x-men first class was that wolverine was barely in the picture (too many writers are gay for wolvie). And the training part and the romance part took too much “drama” and slowed down the pace.

    Like Nolan’s Batman, which aside from the kick-ass action also has dark messages about vigilantism, the value of anonymity and symbols, etc.. The kind of boiling whispers you hear at the back of your mind each time you read a heinous crime feeding vengeful fantasies that you can only imagine but could hardly do anything about without risking yourself (or your loved ones) in the process.

    The X-men has the same potential of instead of just being a popcorn movie, offer introspective subversion against the absurd prejudices of society. A true and realistic approach to how society would react to people with extraordinary powers. Would they really be frightened? or amazed and awed? or maybe even jealous and vindictive?

    What event is pivotal to make humans hate mutants so much to drive them close to extinction?
    (death of a politician? mutant supremacists?)

    Reading the comic. It isn’t wolverine the director’s should be focusing on, it should be cyclops.
    He’s the only one smart enough and bad-ass enough (almost like batman) while at the same time having great leadership skills to lead one of the greatest teams in the marvel universe (magneto even compared him to caesar).

    Plus, he meshes well with what the X-men really stood for. A group of mutant revolutionaries, who instead of wanting to rule the humans, just wanted acceptance and respect from the people who’s lives they helped saved for countless of times.

    But heroes are incomplete without a proper villain. The general rule is that the smarter and the more powerful the enemy is, the cooler the hero looks. It’s all about adversity. If the challenge is too easy and victory comes too cheap, then it feels like a cop-out. Yet at the same time, if the hero beats the challenge in such an implausible or cheesy way (deus ex machina), then it feels like the author cheated.

    Balance is important. keywords: brutal and efficient. especially if you’re dealing with grim subjects like racism and genocide.

    Think anti-game. Anti-movie. If you’re making a movie about fictional stuff with a huge “cult” following, then expect the audience to be genre-savvy and stop catering to the uninitiated, ‘coz they’ll probably be true-believers soon enough since there’s plenty of resources available for them devour and plenty of fans to consider them as peers.

    Spending too much time establishing the characters and the settings is usually just wasting valuable screentime (unless the directors could do something genuinely cool or innovative about it instead of lame rehash). Cut the fat and go straight for the meat. Offer more content, more mind-boggling plot-twist, some thought-provoking out-of-the-box societal/psychological insights here and there, a kick-ass villain (brutally efficient madman), and the best action sequences hollywood has to offer.

    Just think:
    walking dead comics vs walking dead tv series?
    harcore vs casual (loosely speaking)?

    If directors set the bar too low, then they usually have to make up for it by spending more on advertisements (or lame gimmicks). Meanwhile, “coolness” spreads from word of mouth.

    coolness is it’s own advertisement.

  • gomugomu

    reboot x-men and give the script to joss whedon