Bryan Singer Confirms X-Men First Class is Silver Age, Hellfire Club as Villains

You would think a Hollywood player like Bryan Singer would have better things to do with his time on a Friday night than call up movie geeks. You know, like going to parties, having sex with supermodels, etc. Apparently not so much, and thank God, because the producer of “X-Men: First Class” put in a call to Harry Knowles over at AICN and spilled some beans about the upcoming movie.

The biggest news is that Singer confirms the villains of “First Class” will indeed be the Hellfire Club, and that Kevin Bacon will indeed be playing the Club’s leader, Sebastian Shaw, aka The Black King. I think most comic book geeks guessed this when Emma Frost aka the White Queen was added to the cast (to be played by January Jones). For whatever reason, the studio had been keeping Bacon’s role hush-hush. Well nuts to that, says Bryan Singer.

Singer also confirms that “First Class” will be a period film set in the ’60s, in the lighter, more hopeful time of JFK and MLK. It’s here that James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier will be plotting unity for humanity and mutant kind with his buddy Magneto (Michael Fassbender). As a sign of the optimism at the start of the movie, the costumes will be “comic bookish” to reflect it.

Of course, all that peace and love eventually goes out the window, eventually splitting Professor X and Magneto onto their separate ways and, one presumes, set up a darker sequel.

Essentially, “X-Men: First Class” will be a Silver Age telling of the “X-Men” universe, and will have a more global flavor. Shooting will take place in the UK and U.S., with stops in Russia and probably other countries as well.

You can read the rest of Knowles’ talk with Singer over at AICN.