Bryan Singer is Officially Just Producing X-Men First Class

Well, we saw this coming, right? Deadline now has it official that Bryan Singer won’t be directing the “X-Men” prequel “First Class” after all, but will only produce. The good news is that, although Singer won’t be directing (he’s contractually obligated to do “Jack the Giant Killer” for Warner this Summer, the same time Fox wants to start shooting “First Class”), the Jamie Moss script that Fox will be using is based on a detailed treatment by Singer himself, so he will still be involved creatively, in a way.

The article also mentions that Fox is looking at doing a trilogy based on “First Class”, but that’s a given; studios are always talking trilogy. Of course, just because Singer won’t direct “First Class”, it doesn’t mean he couldn’t wrap “Jack” by the end of the year and jump onboard the “Wolverine” sequel.

Hey, it could happen if both sides want it to happen enough.

Okay, you tell them you want me to direct, okay? Awesome!