Bryan Singer May Direct Excalibur Remake, Probably Jack the Giant Killer

Bryan Singer is one busy man. Coming off the less-than-spectacular “Valkyrie”, Singer has now either attached himself or is in the process of doing so to a variety of interesting projects. The first is a planned movie version of “Battlestar Galactica” with original creator Glen Larson for Universal that is believed to be separate from the Ron Moore TV “re-imagining”, and now two more projects have surfaced as potential next movies for the director: a remake of John Boorman’s 1981 classic “Excalibur” and a fantasy, live-action version of “Jack the Giant Killer”.

Word from Variety is that Singer is close to signing on to produce and develop (and possibly direct) a remake of Boorman’s “Excalibur” for Warner Bros., though it’s looking more likely that his next directing gig will be “Jack the Giant Killer” for New Line and producer Neal Moritz, from a script by Darren Lemke and Mark Bomback.

In “Jack and the Giant Killer”, the film would follow a young farmer (named Jack, of course) who leads an expedition into the land of the giants in order to rescue a kidnapped princess. Word is the movie will be fantasy-heavy, so we’re looking at a new take on the old tale, since watching people climb a giant beanstalk would be, well, kind of silly in a live-action movie. Heck, they could probably go the gritty, “Gladiator” route and make the giants not really giants, but just a bigger-than-average race of warriors, or some such.

The “Excliabur” remake, meanwhile, will be just that: a remake of John Boorman’s very cool 1981 movie, which I loved when I first saw, and still dig to this day. Personally, I’d rather Singer commit to “Giant Killer”, as it would be more original than yet another remake of an old movie by Hollywood.

(Note: This proposed remake of “Excalibur” apparently has nothing to do with the Excalibur movie currently being written by Warren Ellis.)

Trailer for the original “Excalibur”: