Bryan Singer May or May Not be Involved in Superman’s Future

I loved Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns”. I loved everything about it, except for one thing: Lex Luthor. Yeah yeah, all the movie critics ranted and raved about how Kevin Spacey was great, about how he stole the show, blah blah blah. But to me, in a movie about what having a real Superman in our midst would be like, Lex Luthor completely torpedoed that cinematic faux reality for me. He turned the whole shebang into a cheesy comic book movie. Yes, it was a movie based on a comic book, etc, but it was as real as a movie based on a comic book could possibly be with a living God among us … except for Lex Luthor and his comic book villain schemes. Because of that, I have to skip over huge parts of “Superman Returns” whenever I slip in the DVD. Damn you, Lex Luthor!

Anyways, so what’s the status of Bryan Singer and the “Superman Returns” sequel, tentatively called “The Man of Steel”? Not so hot, apparently. UGO has an interview with the main man, and after a lot of heeing and hawing, here’s what he had to say about his involvement (or lack thereof) with Warner Bros’ plans for another Superman movie:

I love Superman and I can not tell you anything else. I, uh…… I am not officially involved in the talk, no. I have relationships with Warner Brothers and with the character and, and, and, and it’s just the way things work out.

When asked if he was officially “divorced” from the project and character, Singer said, “No”. But it wasn’t like a “Hell no!” it was more like a, “I don’t think so, no”.

Now what does all this mean, Basil? Probably that the chances of Singer still being involved in “The Man of Steel” is very slim. Warner Bros. has given in to peer pressure that told them “Superman Returns” was not as good as it was, much similar to how Marvel gave in to the misconception that Ang Lee’s “Hulk” was not quality cinema and needed to be “rebooted”. The WB seems to be heading in that direction, never you mind that “Superman Returns” is barely a few years old, and in my mind, is hugely misunderstood. Except for the whole Lex Luthor thing, I mean. That, though, was just pure crap.

Below: “And with this single crystal doohickey, I shall rule the world! Muahahahaha! Ahem. Too much?”