Bryan Singer to Direct Wahlberg in Prisoners

It’s like the movie “Taken” with Liam Neeson, except without Liam Neeson and evil Albanians. Instead, “Prisoners” will star Mark Wahlberg as a ticked off Boston dad whose daughter and her best friend are abducted; in response, Wahlberg takes the guy he suspects did the bad deed prisoner. Harsh interrogation techniques and much tickling ensues, one supposes. Now it looks like Bryan Singer has signed on to direct the thriller.

At least that’s the word from a tweet by Production Weekly:

Update: Bryan Singer will direct Mark Wahlberg in Aaron Guzikowski’s thriller “The Prisoners”.

Hey, you don’t get any more confirmed than a site tweeting something, right? Um, maybe.

Anyways, Singer has already been mentioned as interested in the project, so at least it’s not just made up out of the blue. The trades will probably confirm it sooner or later. Or not. Let’s all wait and see, shall we?

Below: Mark Wahlberg doesn’t like it when you mess with his kids, and neither does his little gun.