Bryan Singer Wants to Direct X-Men Again, Fanboys Cream Pants

I kid, I kid about the fanboys comment, especially since I’m one of those people who would love to see Bryan Singer make a triumphant return to the X franchise. After hacks like Gavin Hood and Brett Ratner took their turn slashing away at the franchise like blind hobos, it’s human nature to look back and really appreciate what Singer did with the first “X-Men” movie and its sequel, “X2: X-Men United”. Unfortunately for us, “Superman Returns” was just too much for Singer to resist, and the director jumped the mutant ship to bring the Man of Steel back to the big screen, leaving Ratner on the third “X-Men” movie. Superman and the X-Men haven’t been the same since.

The AP reports that Singer made his desire to direct another “X-Men” movie public on Sunday while at the Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea, while speaking at a filmmaker’s panel. And it doesn’t sound like it’s an off-handed comment, either; according to Singer, he has been actively “talking” with FOX about returning to the franchise.

It needs to be said that Singer doesn’t specify if he’d like to do the rumored “X-Men 4”, or one of the many X spin-offs that are currently in the works, including a sequel to the Wolverine-heavy “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Singer made it a point to include Hugh Jackman in his comments, saying that he “love” Jackman. He also adds “the cast”, too, just in case they’re listening.

Obviously you can’t read too much into it, but with Hood so out of his element on “Wolverine” and the finished picture looking every bit like it, you gotta wonder what a Singer-directed “Wolverine” sequel, set in Japan with those pesky Hand ninjas running around, would look like. The words “potentially frakkin’ awesome” comes to mind.

So you gotta remember, when they ask you, you looooooooooved working with me. Got it?

So you gotta remember, when they ask you, you looooooooooved working with me. Got it?