Bryan Singer Will Probably Direct Jack the Giant Killer Next. Probably.

I have to admit, the notion of Bryan Singer directing another version of the “Excalibur” myth sounds very cool, but from what I’ve read of this “Jack the Giant Killer” movie, I think this might end up being a better film when all is said and done. Or at least, it’ll be slightly more original than “Excalibur”, or even the “Battlestar Galactica” film Singer has attached himself to since “Valkyrie”.

Word from THR’s Heat Vision blog is that Singer has signed on to direct “Jack the Giant Killer”, effectively making it his next movie, which means the “Excalibur” remake and “Battlerstar Galactica” movie will have to wait. Singer will be directing the fantasy adventure film for New Line and Legendary Pictures, with the ubiquitous Neal Moritz producing.

“Jack the Giant Killer” was written Mark Bomback (“Live Free or Die Hard”) and Darren Lemke, and is a live-action adaptation of the “Jack the Giant Killer” fairy tale. It will be set in a fantasy world where men and giants live under a truce. That truce gets tested when a human princess is kidnapped, and Jack, a young farmer is chosen to lead a dangerous expedition to the giants’ kingdom in hopes of rescuing her. Much giant killing ensue, we presume, unless the title is a big fat lie.

The fairy tale has been made into a movie numerous times, with the most recent being 1962’s “Jack the Giant Killer”, starring Kerwin Mathews as the titular Jack and Judi Meredith as his damsel in distress.

Hey, Jack, how's it going -- whoa, what're you doing with that gun? Jack?

Hey, Jack, how's it going -- whoa, what're you doing with that gun? Jack?