Bryan Singer’s Jack Won’t Kill the Giant Until 2013, Arthur & Lancelot’s Adventures Delayed

Nicholas Hoult in Jack the Giant Killer (2012) Movie Image

Looking forward to Bryan Singer’s fantasy epic “Jack the Giant Killer” this June 15, 2012? Well too bad, because you’ll now have to wait 9 more months to see the film, with Warner Bros. having rescheduled the film for March 22, 2013 instead.

Meanwhile, Warner has also hit the “Pause” button on David Dobkins’ “Arthur & Lancelot”, the re-imagining of the King Arthur tale that re-imagines Arthur and Lancelot as adventuring buddies. The issue, as with other big-budget fantasy films that’s come before it, is of course the budget. The film was supposed to star “Game of Thrones'” Kit Harington and and “The Killing’s” Joel Kinnaman.

Apparently “Arthur & Lancelot’s” $130 million budget was just too much for Warner, and the studio is now looking to make cuts.

But more importantly, why did Singer’s “Jack the Giant Killer” get pushed back a whopping 9 months? Lots of reasons — including the fact that Warner doesn’t need another expensive film to open in 2012, since they already have Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” and Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” primed to demolish everyone (with the exception of “The Avengers”).

Or, if I’m being a tad cynical, maybe they saw the trailer Singer recently put out for “Jack the Giant Killer” and thought the same thing I did, which is, “Oh, crap.” Or was that just me?

Via : THR