Bryce Dallas Howard Confirms No one has Talked to her about Spider-Man 4

I’m a simple man, with simple tastes. I won’t lie to ya; artsy fartsy films make me drowsy, and I’m more than willing to shut down the old noggin’ if it means enjoying a movie for 90 minutes. And when it comes to comic book movies, I like my love interests cute, spunky, and vibrant. That’s why I dug the heck out of Bryce Dallas Howard in “Spider-Man 3”. For my money, she was the best thing about the sequel, cause it sure as wasn’t Kristen Dunst moping around looking like she’s about to slit her wrist or Spider-Man fighting his best friend who was riding around in a jet-powered skateboard. A jet-powered skateboard! But I digress. While doing the press junket for her latest, the indie movie “The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond”, the topic of “Spider-man 4” came up.

Via Comingsoon, who asks the offspring of Opie about returning for the Spidey sequel. As expected, she hasn’t been approached about returning as Gwen Stacy. As in, at all.

“I don’t know. I mean, it was really made clear to me when we all did “Spider-Man 3″ that it was entirely possible that a character could come back or a character could not and this could be just a specific plotline to that film because there’s so many stories in the comic book series and you want to pack as much in as possible so it’s truly up to Sam, up to, you know, the writers and the people who have done such an amazing job protecting that franchise and choosing the best storylines for audiences and I’m a fan first. I had an incredible time working with them but more than anything what I want is for that franchise to just continue to kick butt and to really appease the really really really loyal fans, so, including myself.”

Well that was very diplomatic and nice of her. She also answers questions about her role in David Slade’s “Twilight” entry, “Eclipse”, as well as the possibility of returning for more “Terminator” sequels. Read her answers over at Comingsoon.

So yeah, color me bummed. I was hoping Raimi would be brave enough to swap Mary Jane with Gwen Stacy, but alas…

Dammit Sam, what do you mean I can't swap the moody redhead for the spunky blonde?

Dammit Sam, what do you mean I can't swap the moody redhead for the spunky blonde?