Buffy Alums vs. Katee Sackhoff’s Sexy Evil Genius

Add two more names to the awesome sounding Katee Sackhoff indie drama (though it sounds more like a black comedy to me) “Sexy Evil Genius”. “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” co-stars Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg have joined the cast of the Shawn Piller-directed movie, which will star Sackhoff, along with Billy Baldwin and Harold Perrineau Jr.

The plot goes thusly:

Genius centers on a group of strangers brought together in a downtown Los Angeles bar by their mutual ex-girlfriend (Sackhoff). The woman is mysterious about her intentions, but by the night’s end, according to the movie’s makers, revenge will be had, romance kindled and the wronged woman will have delivered on her reputation as the sexy evil genius at the center of all their lives.

Piller will direct from a script by Scott Lew, an ALS suffer who actually wrote the script “using an infrared dot on his forehead, pointing to letters and words on the computer screen.” Now THAT’S dedication to your craft, folks.