Bullshit Movie Rumor: Will Smith as Captain America (OFFICIALLY DEBUNKED)

Derek Luke is an actor who is “hearing” things that aren’t true. Either that, or he’s listening to fans of Will Smith who have never read the comic books, and couldn’t possibly “get” that yeah, even Hollywood wouldn’t dare turn Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, into a black guy and let Will Smith play him. Because, frankly, it worked so well when they let Smith played Jim West in the big-screen version of “The Wild Wild West”. Yes, that’s right, Hollywood, it makes perfect sense that a black guy is running around 19th century America, in the SOUTH, no less, and every law enforcement trusts him, including the President, because people back then were just sooooo open-minded. What bullshit.

So what’s this about Will Smith playing Captain America? Well, Derek Luke, while doing promo rounds for Spike Lee’s “The Miracle of St. Anna”, mentioned that someone had told him that Will Smith had been offered the role. He tells MTV:

“I heard they offered Will Smith ‘Captain America,’” said Luke, adding that the intriguing casting rumor “just shows you how times have changed.”

Times may have changed, buckaroo, but they haven’t changed THAT much. Captain America has to be a white guy, because Captain America was a scrawny white kid who volunteered to undergo a dangerous experiment in order to fight the Nazis in World War II. Yeah, a black scrawny kid from Brooklyn gets turned into a black Captain America, and they’re going to send him off to fight the Nazis, and all the white American soldiers in the trenches and the ones at home will magically fall in love with him. You mind as well change the title of the movie to “Captain America in Fairytale Land” if that’s the case.

As part of their article, MTV referenced the changing of Nick Fury from a white dude to a black guy ala Samuel L. Jackson. That’s true, but there is a world of difference between Nick Fury and Captain America. Trust me. There just is.

When Captain America does eventually get cast, he’ll be played by a white guy with blue eyes and (probably dyed) blond hair. To do otherwise would be spitting on the character, and Marvel, who will be making the movie, has more sense than that.



Well, it didn’t take long before I stumbled across this AICN article that officially debunks the rumor:

Multiple sources from MARVEL have confirmed that Derek Luke, of Spike Lee’s MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA, doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to Will Smith and CAPTAIN AMERICA. Marvel never offered the part, nor did they approach or entertain a conversation about Will Smith for CAPTAIN AMERICA. That said – I’m sure they have a few parts that they’d like him for, just not Captain America.

So there ya go. They haven’t gone insane and we don’t need to be confused, angry and scared about it anymore.

Stupid Derek Luke. You sucked in “Biker Boyz”.

Below: Watch out, Derek Luke, Cap is coming for your ass…

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