Burke and Hare Premiere Report

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the U.K Premiere of John Landis’ new film “Burke and Hare” – read my review here – at The Curzon Cinema in Chelsea. Normally, the big films get their first showing in one of the mega cinemas in Leicester Square, but some horror film called “The Kids Are Ok” or something with Julianne Moore and The Hulk in it or some shit was playing there instead, so we had to make do with The Curzon. Turns out it was actually a really nice cinema, and luckily we got to wait indoors rather than out in the cold, so that was a bonus too.

Once inside, everything was a little cramped, and certainly hindered my abilities to talk to celebs, but I managed TWO WHOLE QUESTIONS throughout the evening. All the stars turned up – Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis, John Landis, Isla Fisher, Ronnie Corbett, Nick Moorcroft and Piers Ashworth (the writers), Paul Whitehouse, Jessica Hynes and David Schofield. I managed to have a very brief chat with Piers Ashcroft (who also wrote “St. Trinians”) first:

When you were writing the film, did you have anyone in mind for the various roles? Did you write for anyone in particular?

Piers Ashcroft: I think, as writers, when John Landis came on board, it gave us greater potential. Obviously, as a British film, we were really excited when Simon Pegg came on board because he is Britain’s number one film comedy actor. We’re huge fans of Andy Serkis as well, and they’ve made a great – as John would say – evil Laurel and Hardy!

Then, after missing out on Simon Pegg and John Landis, I managed to catch Andy Serkis:

Andy, there are loads of comedians in the cast, were there many practical jokes on set?

Andy Serkis: There wasn’t so much practical joking, but there was continuous hilarity, particularly concerning Ronnie Corbett.  One of the funniest things I think I’ve ever seen on set is John Landis directing Ronnie Corbett!  Ronnie, you know, famously, this is his breaking into movies role, and John just shouts at people, like “THAT’S HORRIBLE!” Or, “Ronnie, stop acting with your fucking eyebrows!”

(I have to say it was a rather good impression.)

Alas, that was all the goss I got from the night, unless you can count Isla Fisher shouting “I’ve gotta go and give him shit!” when she noticed Pegg was wearing a white suit.  It definitely would have been gossip if she’d shouted “I’ve gotta go and HAVE a shit” But she didn’t, so you’ll have to take what you’ve been given.  AND BE GRATEFUL FOR IT.