Burn Notice Prequel Movie Rounds out Cast

The life and times of Sam Axe before he became the Sam Axe that we all know and love as played by Bruce Campbell will be exposed in all their grisly glory in a “Burn Notice” TV movie set to air sometime next Spring. The movie itself is set to shoot on location in Bogota, Colombia very soon, and the cast has now rounded out with a couple of babes and dudes.

Joining the team will be Chandra West (formerly of “The Gates”) as Sam’s “fun” Stateside girlfriend, while Kiele Sanchez (below, “30 Days of Night: Dark Days”) will play a soldier-hating humanitarian relief worker in desperate need of saving in Colombia, where our hero Sam Axe is newly stationed.

On the dude side of things, RonReaco Lee plays a non-profit doctor in need of saving, and John Diehl is Sam Axe’s fellow Naval Officer.

The plot of the movie has Sam Axe being sent to Colombia where he “uncovers some dark secrets of the area and, in turn, learns hard lessons about deception and sacrifice.” I’m guessing this means we’ll see a Sam Axe who hasn’t quite turned into a Mojito drinking, Sugar Momma seeking beach bum just yet.

Jeffrey Donovan, the star of “Burn Notice”, will direct the TV movie from a script by show creator Matt Nix. I’m guessing Michael Weston will make at least a cameo in the movie. It would be kind of silly if he didn’t.