Bush Bashers Rejoice! Stone’s W. Gets a Trailer.

So what can we learn from this trailer for Oliver Stone’s George W. Bush biopic? Um, probably that he’s really dumb. Because, you know, in case you still don’t have a reason to hate George Bush, knowing that the man is apparently really, really stupid and somehow stumbled and drunk his way to the White House is going to convince you to vote Democrat from now on. Um, probably. Anyways, here’s your first look at Stone’s “W.”, or as we like to call it down here in parts unknown, “Dubya’s Dub.” If that doesn’t make any sense to you, then you’re “not from around these here parts, are ya”, as we like to say to strangers. Cause, you know, everyone who doesn’t live in the two coasts are dumb hicks and such.

Starring Josh Brolin as Dubya, Elizabeth Banks as his wife, with Ioan Gruffudd, Thandie Newton, Ellen Burstyn, Jeffrey Wright, Richard Dreyfuss, James Cromwell, Scott Glenn, and Jesse Bradford. Oliver Stone directs from a script by Stanley Weiser.

Dubya gets his groove on October 29. Methinks heavy drinking and much mangling of the English language will ensue. (Sounds like my Friday nights…)

So what have we learned from this trailer? Well for one, Dubya was ripped back in the day! Who knew?