Bushel of Character Posters for Kim Hong-Sun’s Thriller Conspirators

My peculiar interest in motion pictures centered around organ harvesting probably says a lot about my mental stability. I can’t explain it — watching movies about people who spend a great deal of time illegally cutting into other human beings is fascinating. I’m not sure if stuff like this actually goes down — in this day and age, I wouldn’t rule anything out — but the mere thought of someone stealing my liver is beyond frightening. The cinematic fiddling of organs, particularly when it’s realistic, gives me a serious case of the squirms.

The plot of South Korean filmmaker Kim Hong-Sun’s upcoming thriller “Conspirators” is being kept under wraps, so specifics are elusive at the moment. The only thing we know for sure is that the story has something to do with organ harvesting on the high seas. Beyond that, it’s anybody’s guess. The character posters you see below are interesting, as each one features an individual with a bar code stamped on their face. Could these poor folks be the film’s stable of potential victims? We’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully this one will arrive Stateside soon.

“Conspirators”, which stars Im Chang-jeong, Choi Daniel, Oh Dal-soo, Jo Yoon-hee, Jo Dal-hwan, and Jeong Ji-yoon, opens in South Korea this August. The snazzy collection of aforementioned images reside below the embedded teaser.

Via : Film Smash