Butler, McConaughey, and Worthington Go on a Thunder Run

Thunder Run Novel CoverWhat do Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughey, and Sam Worthington have in common? They’ve all signed on to star in the new Iraq War movie “Thunder Run” for director Simon West.

The movie will be based on the non-fiction book by David Zucchino and Mark Bowden (of “Blackhawk Down” fame) called “Thunder Run: The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad”. The story, of course, follows the U.S. tanks as they storm into Baghdad, blasting Saddamn’s army to Hell and back along the way. But don’t expect anything approaching the aforementioned “Blackhawk Down”. Instead, think more “Call of Duty”. As in, “Call of Duty” the game.


Apparently in lieu of live-action, “Thunder Run” will instead by an all-CG movie utilizing motion-capture performances ala “A Christmas Carol” or the recent “The Adventures of Tintin”. The idea? Get some of that “Call of Duty” gamer cash.

Producer Brian Presley explains his reasoning thusly:

We wanted to do something that was new, that was fresh, so we’re shooting it in a CG world where we do motion capture and facial capture. The reason we wanted to do it this way — just a pure, straight action film — is to also appeal to that Call of Duty: Black Ops world. It’s not going to have a video game look, it will have a photorealistic look, but the style in which we’re doing it with the 3-D RPGs flying over your head, and tanks coming out across the audience, and explosions… it’s going to be incredible.

The film has been gestating in Hollywood since 2007, with West always attached. As such, it is a bit of a miracle that he’s still around to direct, given how easily Hollywood directors jump from movie to movie.

Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington, and Matthew McConaughey

Via : EW