Butt-Faced Killa is On the Loose in Sodomaniac


Sodomaniac (2013) Movie

I have a seriously soft spot for degenerate cinema, due in part to my years consuming every Troma movie I can get my hands on. Although I understand what this says about me as a person, I honestly don’t feel much shame or humiliation. Below you’ll find a seriously NSFW trailer for “Sodomaniac,” a film about a rapist with a penchant for intoxicated bros. If that sounds offensive to you, then wait until you feast your eyes on the trailer. Oh, boy.

Check out this synopsis:

“It should have been a triumphant party night of double D’s for “The Wolfpack” — Debauchery and Douchebaggery. As the party goes on, and they are hunted down by the Butt Faced Killa, this pack of friends will ask themselves a lasting question in the end: your bros may have your back … but who has got your ass?

As you can tell from that description, “Sodomaniac” isn’t aiming for high-brow entertainment. In fact, anyone who isn’t amused by on-screen anal penetration will probably be deeply offended by the clip embedded below. With that in mind, please proceed with extreme caution.

“Sodomaniac” stars Craig Kelly, Allan Sconza, Kirk Ponton, Nicole Hamilton, Dale Gordan, Nick Twist, Josh Rocco, Greg Kline, and Nick Guzman. You can learn more about this bizarro flick by visiting the official Facebook page. When you’re ready, fill your brain with the trailer embedded below. Try not to get in trouble at work with this one, okay?

Via : Horror Society

Author: Todd Rigney

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    You have movies like Star Wars…. And then there we have movies like this… What is it all about me wonders.

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com Todd

      Curiosity will probably kill me, and I really don’t care.