Butt-Kickin’ Thai Trailer for Prachya Pinkaew’s The Kick

Since we’ve already seen the South Korean trailer for the “Ong Bak” director’s upcoming martial arts flick “The Kick”, it’s only fair that we get one from a Thai point of view. More importantly, the latest clip allows us to see “Chocolate” star Jeeja Yanin in action. From where I’m seated, the flick looks like a lot of fun, and I’m definitely curious to see how Pinkaew tackles the world of Taekwondo. I’m sure he’ll have no trouble at all making everything severely badass.

Need a plot synopsis? Well, here you go:

Couple and former Taekwondo champs Moon (Jo Jae-hyeon) and Yun (Ye Ji-won) settle down in Thailand and open a Korean restaurant and Taekwando school. Their three kids are interested in different things; the teenage boy is crazy about Kpop, the girl loves football and Thai dance and only the youngest boy shows any interest in Taekwando. There, the family made friends with Mum and his niece Wah Wah (Jeeja Yanin), a talented muay Thai boxer. Their live changes when the family and their friends become involved with Korean mobsters who’ve stolen some ancient daggers.

The embedded clip is deeply impressive, and definitely makes me anxious for this thing to arrive here in the States. If you have a moment this morning, check it out.

Via : Twitch