BWAAAAAAAAS. Brad Pitt’s World War Z Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Brad Pitt in World War Z Drinks a Pepsi

It’s funny because it’s true.

That’s what I like most about the Honest Trailer guys. All their jabs are actually funny and spot-on. Unlike some other videos that lists “mistakes” that aren’t even actually mistakes, but just something someone decided was a mistake so they could nitpick.

Here is Screen Junkies’ take on Brad Pitt’s “World War Z”.

I have to admit, it’s pretty much everything I was thinking while watching the movie. I’m honestly not sure why horror fans thought the film was good. It was like watching cut scenes from a videogame, and I’m not even talking about the spooky survival horror games like “Silent Hill”, etc. I’m talking more along the lines of the “Call of Duty” games. That’s how “scary” the movie was.

Don’t even get me started on the awful CGI zombies. Ugh.

If I had to guess, I would say “World War Z” was sold almost entirely on the basis of the excellent trailers, because the movie itself was incredibly empty. It looked nice, don’t get me wrong, though Brad Pitt’s character should have been wearing a cape and a mask.

I did like it when the pilot guy who was supposed to wait for Pitt’s character decided to take off, though. That was easily the most logical part of the whole movie. The rest? Not so much. (Yes, even for a zombie movie.)