Byung-Hun Lee is Storm Shadow, Rachel Nichols is Scarlett in G.I. Joe

Speaking of intriguing casting announcements. It’s been confirmed by IESB that South Korean movie star Byung-Hun Lee (“A Bittersweet Life” and the upcoming Josh Hartnett movie “I Come with the Rain”) will be playing none other than the ninja Storm Shadow in the upcoming live-action G.I. Joe movie! This means Byung-Hun Lee will be going up against Ray Park as Snake Eyes.

The movie, to be directed by Stephen Sommers (“The Mummy”), recently announced the casting of Sienna Miller as the evil Baroness and Ray Park as Snake Eyes, but still doesn’t have a Duke or Cobra Commander, the two main characters from the TV cartoon and, one presumes, the two main characters in the movie. Although if you ask me, make this movie about Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, and you’ve got yourself every fanboy geek’s wet dream of a movie.

IESB adds that Rachel Nichols (“Alias”) has been cast as Scarlett.

If you haven’t seen Byung-Hun Lee in “A Bittersweet Life”, I really recommend it. I don’t know how Lee will do in a martial arts role, because I don’t think he’s ever done one, although I could be wrong. Plus, the character mostly wears his ninja gear, which includes mask, like Snake Eyes.

Rachel Nicholas as Scarlett, on the other hand? Great choice.

Byung-Hun Lee is Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe!